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Salif Diop is a Professor of University. He is a water expert with broad experience in various aspects of scientific assessment of freshwater, coastal and marine resources and coastal oceanography as well as in areas related to the management and sustainable development of the environment. Prof. S. Diop has worked as Chief Technical Advicer of a UNDP/UNESCO project on capacity development on marine sciences in Africa and as senior staff member in UNEP, Scientific Assessment Branch - Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA) in Nairobi,

Salif Diop holds a 3rd Cycle Doctorate at the University Louis Pasteur / Strasbourg / France he defended in 1978 and a Doctorat D'Etat that he defended in the Same University in 1986.

He spent a sabbatical year - between 1986 and 1987 - in his capacity as Senior Fulbright Scholar at RSMAS (Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences) University of Miami / USA - Division of Biological Sciences and Living Resources.  

S. Diop is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and Techniques of Senegal (ANSTS), the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and the World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Sciences in the Developing Countries (TWAS). Recently, Prof. S. Diop has been elected for three years, in May 2020 as AAS Vice-President for West Africa region.

Photo gallery of mangrove environments in West and East Africa.

Mangrove de G Bissao 2
Aerial View of Mangroves of Guinea Bissao.
Mangrove oversight
Aerial View of Mangroves of Guinea Bissao.
Water in the mangrove
Aerial View of Mangroves of Guinea Bissao.
Local harvesting of oysters in the mangroves of Saloum - Senegal.
Young plants
Young Rhizophora racemosa - Saloum - Senegal.
More young trees
Rhizophora racemosa - Saloum - Senegal.
Water Flow
Aerial View of Mangroves of Casamance - Senegal
Tree sample
Mangrove Vegetation (R. racemosa) Saloum - Senegal.
Water bodies
Degraded mangroves in the Saloum estuary - Senegal.
Fruits from mangrove
Large catch of Shrimp in the magroves of Benin
Wood supply depleting mangroves
Mangroves wood exploitation - Benin.
Source of Fuel
Dry cooking of shrimp and fishes exploited from mangroves (Benin).
Building materials
Cooking areas in Benin.
Water body
Aerial view of mangroves of Casamance (Senegal).
Exploitation of oysters from Mangroves roots (R. racemosa) - Saloum delta - Senegal.
More mangrove
Mangroves of the Delta of Niger (Nigeria).
Mangrove from afar
Mangrove of Somone lagoon (Senegal).
Young tree
Mangroves of Somone Lagoon (Senegal).
Mangroves poles
Mangroves Poles - East Africa.
North Island Eco5 star Resort
North Island ECo5 Star Resort - East Africa.
Mangrove Poles Mokowe
Mangrove Poles, Mokowe - Esat Africa.
Mongroves in Moheli
Mangroves à Mohéli - East Africa.